Monday, January 22, 2007

Final comments

Phew, I am finished! It has been an up and down journey. Some parts I found very ahrd, some very boring and others extremely interesting. It is a pity that I am not that creative. I wish I could think of more interesting uses for some of the tools, such as Wikis. The most fun was UTube. The street racing was great!
The hardest was RSS feeds. I think I need to get my head around this. Flicker was boring because I have an account already with flicker, I also think that there are better sites out there now than flicker, such as Googles Picaso. This is always going to be an issue with Web 2, there will always be better sites being invented.
What I would like to see now, is the library public becomming more aware of these wonderful shareware programs that are out there. I hope we as library staff can form some training programs. My biggest worry is having the network that can support these programs. The cost of downloading and the need for speepy responses are an issue. We also need more public PC's.

Net Library

Net Library is fantastic, especially for those classics and notes about classics. The best feature about Net Library items is being able to search on the book and it brings up the section where you find info on that subject. Excellent!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Library Thing

This is my blog about Library Thing which I missed. I have catalogued 5 books. I did not find this very interesting at all. I do not find this a useful tool.

Below is the link to Library Thing...........

Library Thing

Locating Podcasts

I found very useful. I found an excellent site for podcasts from the sirsidynix institute which I have added to my bloglines account. See below.

Podcasts, video and downloadable audio

Love Youtube! I had a look at "hooning" movies because I wanted to investigate what the thrill was in street racing. It was great! Hmmmm, I wish I had a faster car. What can I do to "soup" up my Hynudai
Youtube could be used for research purposes, as I did, or used for interest groups, training staff, etc. Perhaps a link from the catalogue for certain areas subject areas. Or a video on how to use the library, or other library services.

Web 2.0 awards list

I had a look through the WEB 2.O Awards list... phew! That was overwhelming! So much out there... The one I chose to explore was Myspace because so many of the kids in the library are using it.
It could also be useful in a library setting for Book Groups, specific to a Branch, or for a specific interest, eg. The Romance Novel Book Group, or The Classics Bookgroup. There was one I found for Graphic Novels.
Myspace also reminded me of Geocities.....

Online Applications and Tools

Water Restrictions..... stage 4

Stage 4 Water restrictions. What a scare! Stage 4 will be introduced when the water level reaches 29.3% We are currently on 38.7%, and dropping. This will mean no watering of the garden at all!

This entry was uploaded using Zoho! What a great tool for adding to your blog or just publishing to the internet. What could Hemingway have done writing in Venice!

No need to waste precious memory space for applications on your pc., just a web browser and away you go! My only frustration was a slow connection, this could be an issue...

Thursday, January 18, 2007


WIKI"s are not new to me. I have long been user of Wikipedia. I have also used Swinburne Library's Wiki for the staff.
Wiki's ca also be useful for Bulletin Boards. Students could use it to help each other with research in various fields. It could also be used as a tool in any industry to develop a project, though I would make sure that it could only be edited by the relevant team. Software writers might find it a useful collaboration tool to develop software. The world becomes smaller!

Web 2.0/Library 2.0

I am now very excited about the future of libraries. If we follow through on the principles of Library 2.0, public libraries will have an amazing and exciting future. Libraries will no longer be seen as the traditional dusty, stuffy quiet, backward, buildings where careers are for those who just "love to read". They will now be dynamic, amazing places of interactive learning and activity. Where individuals and groups can come together to learn and create. My concern is finding the money to resource the IT infrastructure that is needed and skilling the current staff.

Friday, November 03, 2006


I found this exercise very interesting. I think that is has great potential both for personal use and use in the library service, especially on the Information Desk where we could use it for specialist topics. I also work at Swinburne University Prahran, where I think it would have great use for their specialist subjects, such as Fine Art. and Technorati

Today I played around with It is an interesting tool for keeping control of various interests, though I am not sure if I would use it out of the work environment, for research. It could possibly be used on the information desk for popular and common requests. Like the old Information File, or Clippings file. I think that the most powerful feature is being able to click on other users tags.

I was not impresssed by Technorati as it did not find my recently edited and published blog!

Image Generators

This was a very interesting exercise.
I enjoyed this part of Library 2.0.
The most difficult part was choosing the generator from the thousands in the internet.

The URL where this generator can be found is at the following URL

Friday, October 27, 2006

Rss feeds

Have discovered how to do RSS feeds, have added a few.. have a look at my blogline site.,

New technology

Here is a very interesting bit of new technology cheap phone calls! Using any hand held phone over the internet. See this at....... this is a similar product to skype only better. With skype you need lots of "bits" of technology added to your computer, with jajah, you just need a hand held phone and a user account and it is almost totally free! Cheap phone calls all over the world - you have to love it.

Eltham Library

Eltham Library
Originally uploaded by stevecostigan.

My Library

Exercise 5, This is a photo from Eltham Library. We have a flicker account @ stevecostigan, so was an easy excercise. sorry but our photos are not for public viewing!

Learning 2.20 - learning habits

Have started new blog. will keep you posted as to my progress.

Of the 7 1/2 learning habits I find none very hard. The only one that I sometimes have a hard time with is finding time to play.